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The Best Beach Clubs Playa del Carmen

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What better way to spend a day than relaxing in one of the many beach clubs Playa del Carmen? And lucky for you there are plenty of great beach clubs here in Playa for you to enjoy!

In fact, here you can pretty much find a beach club, Playa del Carmen, for every occasion! Want to party? You got it. Prefer something more lowkey? No problem. Prefer a swimming pool on the beach? I got you covered! Prefer to just hit the public beach? Read this post on the best beaches in Playa del Carmen.

To help you navigate all of the Playa del Carmen beach clubs you can click on the links below to jump directly to that beach club. I’ve also included a google map of all the beach clubs and the individual addresses and contact information to help you get to amazing places like the Grand Velas Riviera Maya.

The one thing I haven’t included is the costs, I’ve done this deliberately because they seem to change constantly. The only way to get the most accurate information is to give them a call and ask. These are all tourist-friendly places so you will be able to speak in English with no problem.


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Coralina Daylite Club

If you are looking for the best beach party Playa del Carmen here you will find it! Playa Coralina is the go-to place for anyone wanting to party on the beach in Playa. If you have a larger group then it’s best to pre-book here as it’s a popular spot for bachelor/ bachelorette parties in Playa. The whole concept of Coralina beach club Playa del Carmen is modeled on the well-known Ibiza and Vegas-style pool parties.

What you get here is great music, multiple pools, beach access, and the best pool party Playa del Carmen has to offer! Take a look at the promo video below for an idea of the vibe here.

Bookings for Coralina playa del carmen can also be made online 48 hours in advance. The beach club is open from 11 am until 7 pm daily and it’s located next to the Grand Hyatt.

Address: Calle 26 and The Beach, Playa del Carmen.
Phone: +52 1 (984) 204 6009
E-mail: [email protected]

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Corasol Beach Club (Grand Coral Beach Club)

The Best Beach Clubs Playa del Carmen

This is my personal favorite and holds my title of the best beach club Playa del Carmen. Mostly because it’s a bit further out away from the center where the beach is much nicer. It’s also reasonably priced and it has a pool. It’s not the largest beach club and so if you want to get a bed by the pool you will need to arrive early.

The last time I went the minimum spend was just 250 pesos. This normally works out as a meal and an alcoholic drink, or 2 soft drinks.

There are a few different ways to get here, but you will need some kind of transportation. You can bike here if you have one, otherwise, you will need to drive or take a taxi. It’s a bit confusing as they changed their name from Grand Coral to Corasol, just in case the taxi driver gets confused!

Open: 9 am – 5 pm
Address: Carretera Federal Nº307, Cancun Chetumal K.m 294, Playa del Carmen, Q.R., Mexico
Phone: +52 984 109 6112

Encanto Beach

Another of my favorite beach clubs Playa del Carmen is Encanto. It’s located in the more local area of Playa del Carmen. So it’s a quieter area of the beach. What makes Encanto Beach Club unique is that there are often events and activities happening here. At weekends you may find artisan markets. There are always fitness activities and volleyball games going on too.

Or you can do what I like to do… grab a piña colada and watch the volleyball players while trying to not look like a creep haha.

There is a minimum spend here if you want to use a sun lounger, this is normally around 300 pesos, which can jump up quite a bit if you want a four-poster bed, plus you normally need to be in a group of 4 from one of those. There is no pool here, but there is a Spa where you can get a great massage!.

Open: 9:30 am – 6 PM
Phone: +52 984 142 6250
Address: Zazil-ha, 77720 Playa del Carmen, Quintana Roo, Mexico

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INTI Beach

I’ve never actually spent the day here at INTI beach club, it’s more somewhere I like to go for brunch. The food is great here, but this part of the beach is busy. This is why I don’t often venture down here.

If you are looking for a central beach club in Playa del Carmen though, this is it.

Open: 9 am – 12 am
Address: Zona Federal Maritima, Centro, 77710 Playa del Carmen, Q.R., Mexico
Phone: +52 984 803 1109

Lido Beach Club Playa del Carmen

In Lido Beachclub Playa del Carmen it’s all about the food, music, and good vibes! I’ve been here a lot during my time in Playa, but mostly just to eat. The food here is very good and it’s the perfect spot for breakfast on the beach. There are plenty of sunbeds here too so you can chill here for the day.

No need to book at Lido beach Playa del Carmen, unless it’s during peak season in the mornings when they can get pretty busy for food.

Open: 8 am – 7:30 pm
Address: Av. 1era. Norte Bis, Mz. 22, Lote 3, Centro, 77710 Playa del Carmen, Q.R., Mexico
Phone: +52 984 803 1090

Indigo Beach Club Playa del Carmen

Indigo beach club Playa del Carmen is another of my top brunch spots in Playa. They serve breakfast until 12 pm every day and it’s for a fixed cost of 169 pesos for a buffet-style breakfast. Once you have filled up just ask the staff to move you to a bed on the beach where you can sleep it off!

Open: 8 am – 4 PM
Address: Calle 14 y La Playa, Centro, 77710 Playa del Carmen, Q.R., Mexico
Phone: +52 984 803 2599

Kool Beach Club Playa del Carmen

Kool beach club is a little different as here it’s not a minimum spend, it’s a day pass. This means you pay a fixed price and (almost) all drink and a meal is included. The cost is normally 750 pesos which is well worth it if you are planning on drinking alcohol as you can easily spend double this in other places. There is a pool here and it’s on a nice section of the beach. If you aren’t planning on day drinking then Kool beach Playa del Carmen probably isn’t the best choice for you.

Open: 8 am – 6 pm
Address: Calle 28 y Zona Federal Marítima s/n, Centro, 77720 Playa del Carmen, Q.R., Mexico
Phone: +52 984 873 1255

Mamita’s Beach Club Playa del Carmen

I’m going to be controversial now, I hate Mamitas. I think the food is average but well overpriced. The staff I’ve always found rude. Last time I went on my own and they charged me a solo person fee because they only accommodate couples… and as if that wasn’t enough to put you off they have a terrible terrible reputation with local people.

Just last year they were all over the local news for having a Mexican couple arrested and removed for sitting on the public beach close to their sunbeds. It was a whole shitstorm and they were 100% in the wrong and had to apologize. The videos of them manhandling this couple on their vacation went viral.

So yes, I’ve added Mamitas beach club to this list because it seems to be hailed as the best beach club in Playa del Carmen, but I strongly disagree and urge you to avoid it and go somewhere else.

Open: 9 am – 6 pm
Address: Mza 10, Lote 8, Calle 28 Nte., Centro, 77710 Playa del Carmen, Q.R., Mexico
Phone: +52 984 803 2867

Mandarino Beach Club

If you want a super pretty beach club in Playa del Carmen to add to your Instagram then Madrarino beachclub Playa del Carmen is the place for you. They have some super instagramable spots there and their pool is extremely photogenic. It’s also on one of the best parts of the beach in the more local (quieter) area.

This is the Playa del Carmen beach club I go to when I’m feeling fancy and want to pretend like I’m rich and important for the day.

Open: 10 am – 10 PM
Address: Avenida CTM, Albatros y, Zazil-ha, 77720 Playa del Carmen, Q.R., Mexico
Phone: +52 984 110 7752

Playa Martina (Martina beach club)

If I want to go to a low-key playa beach club where I can just turn up and chill out for the day, Martina beach club is my go-to. And that’s not just because it’s a 10-minute walk from my house! I love the Martina beach club because the prices are reasonable and it’s always pretty quiet because it’s away from the super touristy area of Playa.

Here I can sit and read my book in peace! If you are feeling flush then you can pay extra for a four-poster bed or a bed at their pool.

You pay 100 pesos for the bed here and the staff is very good at not pushing you to order anything. But the food is good and the prices are reasonable.

There is a pool here, but it does cost extra to use it.

Open: 8 am – 7 pm
Address: Albatros, Zazil-ha, 77720 Playa del Carmen, Q.R., Mexico
Phone: +52 984 164 2793

Senor Frog’s Playa del Carmen

I’m not going to lie to you, I have never been to Senor Frogs in Playa del Carmen, and I probably will never go. It’s really not my scene and it’s not in a great location as it’s way down by the Cozumel Ferry. Which brings me to the next reason I wouldn’t go here, it’s too close to the ferry. That said, if you are in Playa del Carmen on vacation and looking for a fun super touristy beach bar then it’s not a bad place to go, I suppose.

The Best Beach Bars In Playa Del Carmen

I’ve added these last two places to this post because they do have beach beds, but they are not really what I would class as beach clubs. They fall more into the beach bars in Playa del Carmen category.

The Carmen Hotel

I’ve added The Carmen to this list as it’s worth mentioning. Although, it’s more of a rooftop bar place than a beach club. But it is right on the beach and you can chill on their deck, grab a sunbed on the beach, or venture up to Deck Five their rooftop pool bar.

Address: Calle 8 Nte No 876, Centro, 77710 Playa del Carmen, Q.R., Mexico
Phone: +52 984 803 2409

Zenzi Beach Club Playa del Carmen

Zenzi Playa del Carmen is the best beach bar in Playa del Carmen, in my opinion. I’m there a lot with friends in the evening to listen to their live salsa band. They have different events on most evenings, so check out their Facebook to be kept up to date.

During the day though there are beds you can lay on as long as you order food, I don’t think there is a minimum spend. No swimming pool here, but the food is good and reasonably priced.

Open: 8:30 am – 2 am
Address: Calle 10 y la Playa, Centro, 77710 Playa del Carmen, Q.R., Mexico
Phone: +52 984 803 5738

Looking for somewhere to stay in Playa del Carmen?

I wrote a whole guide to Accommodation in Playa del Carmen you can read here. I also recommend booking one of these Airbnb’s. They are all in great locations and are super reasonably priced.

Budget Airbnb Studio on 5th Avenue

Stunning Studio Close To The Beach In Playa del Carmen

Posada Mariposa Boutique Hotel – 5th Avenue

Caribbean Paradise Boutique Hotel

Playa Palms Beach Hotel

best beach clubs in Playa del carmen


Saturday 21st of January 2023

Hi, I booked a condo this November 1 block away from Martina beach club and I’m worried about noise. Early reviews 2017 and up were terrible but now they seem to have things more calm. Do you know if they still have banging music day/night? Kind regards,

Marc from London..

Claire Summers

Friday 27th of January 2023

Mummmm. Honestly anywhere in the center of town is noisy. The club is still playing music yes. But I'm not sure how loud. I'm not there right now so can't tell you about the current situation, sorry!


Friday 11th of December 2020

Really enjoyed reading your post! It was so helpful in deciding where to go :) The breakfast buffet at indigo convinced me!


Thursday 24th of September 2020

You are so right about Mamita’s just last week I vowed to never spend a peso with them ever again. The worst part is they are right behind my house and I get free chairs there... such a shame that place is so terrible.

Claire Summers

Friday 25th of September 2020

When I first moved here EVERYONE was telling me to go there. And I finally did. First and last time! There is a new place I'm hoping to check out in a few weeks between Playa and Myokoba and the min spend is very low. Looks amazing! I think in general the beach clubs away from the center are far better (and less crowded).