The Most Beautiful Non-Touristy Parts of Canary Islands

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It’s no surprise that the Canary Islands are a very popular tourist destination. Every year, thousands of tourists come to the Canary Islands for vacations. There is no reason to wonder why people love these islands so much. They have everything a person needs for a perfect holiday – lots of sunlight, gorgeous beaches, great service, and lots of tourist attractions. 

However, what to do when you also want to enjoy the Canary Islands but you are more of a picky traveler. You simply don’t want to walk the same path as thousands walked before you. It’s okay to wish for a more authentic experience than most tourists receive in the place. However, navigating the island so you can avoid the common tourist paths can be quite a challenge. Overall, so many areas on the islands are designed to be a tourist’s paradise. 

All touristic areas are filled with cafes, beach resorts, hotels, and restaurants – all minutes away from you. After all, this is why most people come to the Canary Islands. They come to have a hassle-free weekend. Thus, everything you may need for a comfortable stay is right there in front of you. However, the islands have a lot to offer for you even if you are a traveler, rather than a tourist. There are enough destinations on beautiful islands for everyone. 

I have prepared a brief guide for you on the most beautiful non-touristy parts of the Canary Islands. Here are the top gorgeous places where you won’t be a part of the tourist crowd (not the big one, at least).

Hurry up, though! Such secret places don’t last forever.


All tourists come to new places for different reasons. Some want to relax and change the environment for a bit. Others are eager to learn about different lifestyles. Some travelers just have an itch for new experiences and places. Whatever your travel goal is, Garachico can meet it. You won’t find beaches there, but you can enjoy nice natural pools filled with seawater. Also, don’t forget to visit some of the local family-run restaurants while you are there. 

Garachico is a lovely city area in Tenerife, far from all tourist tracks. The area is on the northern coast of the island, filled with Spanish architecture and Spanish spirit. Honestly, if you want to write a paper on Spanish history, Garachico is the best place to seek inspiration. Get your laptop with you, find a cafe, and see how easy the process of getting essay writing help will happen. It’s just the magic of this place. 

The Anaga Mountains

If you want to enjoy the unique natural beauty of the Canary Islands and yet be far from the tourist areas, the Anaga Mountains is the perfect place for you. It’s a natural park just outside the city of San Cristóbal de La Laguna. The scenery there will take your breath away as soon as you spot the first mountains’ peaks. Don’t worry, though. This place can offer you way more than just hiking through those mountains. 

The Anaga Mountains acquired the status of a national park back in the 1980s. Since then, the area has been well-protected and preserved. The park has everything you can ever imagine, from an old forest to an amazing coastline, remote villages, and stunning landscape. The area is vast and divided into several sections. You can walk through the park the entire day and barely meet a soul if that’s your intention. 

Gui Gui Beach, Gran Canaria

If you do want to enjoy a beach day while you are in Tenerife, but you don’t want to be among people, Gui Gui Beach is the right place to go. This beach is located too far from most resorts and hotel areas, so you can be sure there won’t be large crowds of people. Depending on the season, the beach can even be empty of people. 

However, whoever decides to travel that far for a swim (on an island with plenty of other beaches) will probably be the same loner as you are. So you can be certain in your solitude. Though Gui Gui Beach is not just unspoiled, it’s also absolutely beautiful. Its white sand and transparent blue waters attract the most passionate beachgoers. Keep in mind that this place is about two hours away from the nearest town, so grab everything you need in advance. 

Meet the locals

At last, the best way of finding the most beautiful non-tourist locations on the islands is to talk to the locals. Get friendly with some of the people in the local cafes or markets. Talk to them about their favorite spots on the island. Promise not to spoil those places for them if they are generous enough to share them with you. Speaking to the locals and getting tips from them is like asking your peers, “write my paper for me cheap!”. They are always ready to give a helping hand!