What’s in my bag | Complete Packing List for The Caribbean Coast of Colombia

What’s in my bag | Complete Packing List for The Caribbean Coast of Colombia

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If you are planning a backpacking trip to Colombia’s Caribbean coast you may be wondering what to pack? Well, look no further. In this post, I have put together a complete Packing List for The Caribbean Coast of Colombia, including a video so you can see what’s in my bag and learn some of my packing tips.

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Colombian Adventures | Complete Packing List for The Caribbean Coast of Colombia
A Bit About Colombia’s Coast

Packed beaches, fried fish, Coco Frios and Reggaeton music blasting out. They say that Colombia is several countries in one, and it is along this coastline that this is more evident than anywhere else. If you decide to travel from Cartagena all the way to the most northern point of the country – Punta Gallinas – you will find yourself swimming in the warm waters of the Caribbean sea, hiking through the jungle in Parque Tayrona, exploring the mountains of the Sierra Nevada and exploring the desert in La Guajira.

With a landscape this diverse and so dense with adventure you are going to need to pack smart. Before I left for the coast I made this video so you could see exactly what is in my bag.

My Packing List for The Caribbean Coast of Colombia

I took a 45 Ltr backpack with me. Mine was just a cheap one I found at the market in Medellin but here are a few better quality ones I love on Amazon.

Rain cover – if you are doing the Lost City Trek then make sure you have a rain cover as it does often rain in the jungle.

Dry Bag – I have a more robust one like this which I took with me.

However, I have also just bought these as they are so handy to keep your valuables like camera gear and passport in.

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There is a lot of opportunity to get wet (boat rides, river tubing and the wet jungle to name but a few) so you are going to need something. They are also great for dirty laundry!

Carabiner Clip – I never travel without at least 2 carabiner clips – 1 big one and a few smaller ones. They come in so handy for everything from attaching my sandals to my backpack to clipping on my GoPro.

Packing Cubes – I love them. They keep my bag organized and save space. Win-win!

I even made a video on how to use them and wrote a whole blog post! If you are backpacking the slim ones are better for fitting into a backpack, but I do love the PC Cubes Set.

Tent – Obviously this is optional. But I prefer to have my own. I love this 2 man tent but they also do a 1 man if you need to save on space and are traveling solo.

Sleeping Bag – I love this lightweight one. It compressed really small and keeps me warm either when camping or in a hostel if it’s on the cold side. It’s also a great price.

Blow up Pillow – If you are going camping this is a must and doesn’t take up much room.

Earplugs – I never travel without them. I’ve had way too many bad nights sleep and there is nothing worse.

First Aid Kit – I like to make my own and I always have activated charcoal, antihistamines, and anti-inflammatories in there as well as the usual.

Wet Wipes and Toiletries – I know wetwipes aren’t very environmentally friendly but when I’m camping they do come in really handy. I think I make up for it with all of my other natural products though!

Sunscreen – I like this one for my face.

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And this one for my body.

Poncho – I always have a plastic poncho, always!

Sarong/ Towel -I personally prefer to take a sarong, they are nicer to look at lighter and have multi-functions. I sometimes pack 2 if I have space so I can take one to the beach and have one clean for drying off after a shower.

Lock – You always need a lock if you are staying in hostels. PS. This lock also goes well for locking your toolbox at home while you’re away

Head torch – Always comes in handy even if it’s just reading in bed.

Washing Line – So handy and it doesn’t take up much room so I always keep it in my backpack.

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Mobile wifi hotspot – I don’t ever leave home with out my TEPPY. It’s amazing for times on the road, sketchy hotel wifi issues, and as an emergency back up.

If you want to get your own then use CLAIRESITCHYFEET for a 10% discount on sales and rental, (only valid for 100 uses so be quick).

What's in my bag | Mobile WiFi Hotspots | My review of the TEPPY by TEP Wireless

Using my new 4G TEPPY

Clothes to pack for Colombia

1 dress
Hiking pants
Lightweight pants
Denim shorts
Sports shorts
6 t-shirts
2 nice tops
Nice shorts
2 bikinis
4 pants
2 socks

Other Random Stuff

Teaching Kit – as an online teacher I can’t travel without this.

Yoga Matt – I use this to sleep on in my tent as well as practice yoga.

Hiking sticks – Obviously optional but I like to take them when I’m hiking.

Camera Equipment – I have quite a lot…here are some of my must-have items!

boots/ sandals/ flip flops – Swap boots for sneakers and you can do without the sandals. I took all three though and used them all! I hate my feet being uncomfortable so I’m very selective about footwear. Here are my favorites.

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Colombian Adventures | Complete Packing List for The Caribbean Coast of Colombia

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