Guest Post – How to Start Bicycle Touring by Mike McLeish

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The beauty of bicycle touring is that you can visit scenic places that you couldn’t access on foot or by vehicle. Cycling is faster than walking and you can cover more miles. The ride allows you to immerse yourself in the elements, to smell, hear and feel your surroundings.


Riding offers you the chance to enjoy the open fields, the canyons, the mountains, the ocean waves, and the beautiful flowers along the route. In fact, with a bicycle, you can go anywhere you want. A bicycle tour is not only enjoyable but easy to organize. With just a little practice, even those who’ve never ridden a bike before can take part in long term bicycle trips.


(For long term travel without a bike check out this great guide on Claire’s site)


Guest Post - How to Start Bicycle Touring by Mike McLeish


Decide the Touring Type that Interests You


Among the things that need consideration when you decide to start touring is the type of bike trip you want.


Bicycle touring can cover a huge range of options. This can be as simple as grabbing a pal or two and hitting the road for a couple of hours. Another option is packing and carrying all the stuff you need for a day or two.


For a proper adventure, you can even sleep under the stars. If you’re wondering what to camp in I’ve written about the best sleeping gear on my cycling blog –


If this doesn’t appeal you can opt for the type where you only need to swipe your credit card and all else (except peddling) is done for you. The choice is yours but it’s best to decide before you venture out.


Decide Where to Ride


Apart from the obvious like the scenery and the history of the route, look for routes that have low-traffic and/or roads that have good shoulders for your own safety.


As you plan, remember that most of the routes that quickly come to your mind may be undesirable for cycling due to heavy traffic. The same could apply to routes which you would love to view by bike like national parks.


If you are a mountain biker, you may want to go for a route that experiences low motorized traffic and with minimal pavements. The question you need to ask yourself is whether you can ride all the way with a bike carrying your load.


Guest Post - How to Start Bicycle Touring by Mike McLeish


Choosing Your Bike


The success of your bicycle tour could largely depend on the type of bike you choose. While in some cases it’s possible to rent a touring bike or even use the one you already own, if you are just starting out, it is wise to prepare well.


Find out the best type for the kind of touring you are considering.


The type of bike you choose will depend on the kind of terrain you will be riding on. In general, any quality touring bike can do on most routes, but be wary before you attempt to take an off-road bike route, where a mountain bike may be more appropriate.  


What should you take?


Most cyclists will want to keep their gear at the bare minimum, especially if you want to take a route that has several hills to be conquered. For your first bicycle tour, don’t attempt to carry too much unless you are sure that physically you are up to it. After all, the idea is to enjoy the tour not to labor with a loaded bike.


Experienced riders will recommend that you go for 2 rear panniers, and perhaps two small front panniers. A bicycle with small handlebar bags is very handy for those items that need frequent access, such as your camera, phone, or money.


Guest Post - How to Start Bicycle Touring by Mike McLeish


Consider the Cost of Touring


The most economical way is to make camp and prepare your own meals. If touring in the US, and assuming you have carried all the required gear, a budget of between $35 and $50 per day ought to be adequate to meet camping fees, buy groceries, and still have something stashed away for the unforeseen such as repairs.


Guest Post - How to Start Bicycle Touring by Mike McLeish




A bike tour is fun. It can be anything from a short cruise to a single-full day ride. There are also events covering several days.


This is where all the gear you will need such as clothing and food are carried for you by a special vehicle. The support vehicle meets you at designated checkpoints on the pre-selected route.


It can even be a group or solo adventure where you carry all you will need on your bike. Put simply, bicycle touring is not only fun but highly adaptable.


So what are you waiting for! Give it a go!

Guest Post - How to Start Bicycle Touring by Mike McLeish


Mike McLeish

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 How to Start Bicycle Touring

22 Replies to “Guest Post – How to Start Bicycle Touring by Mike McLeish”

  1. That sounds amazing. I have never considered bike touring, but this post actually made me think it can be an option. How to does it work to take your bike on a plane and other transportations? And where would you recommend starting for a newbie?

    1. I actually wrote a post all about this for Skyscanner!

      I’ll leave the recommendations to Mike though as I’ve never bike toured…although I’m seriously considering it!

  2. Danielle Desir says: Reply

    I just went on a short bike cruise on the Bermuda Railway Trail in Bermuda! It coveres 18 miles of the island but I decided to only do 4 miles since it wasn’t continuous and so I had to share the road with heavy traffic. Bike touring is definitely worth an adventure!

  3. I would love to try this one day! We are currently in the Czech Republic where everyone and their brother bikes distance from one beautiful place to another! It’s been making me want to try this out! Thanks for the inspiration!

    1. It’s such a European thing to do. In Europe everyone has a bike and goes for long rides!

  4. Cool! I love cycling and feel it’s a great way to get around town. I’ve never did a tour by bike, for fear of not keeping up. these are great tips to keep in mind though!

    1. Im the same. I really want to give it a go soon though. I’ve met so many people cycle touring and they have so many stories. One day I’ll be brave!

  5. I did a bicycle tour in Riga recently had such a blast. A few days later, I was on the back of a bike again in Copenhagen and loved the freedom it bought. I don’t have the space to buy a bike right now but am staying at a few hotels and hostels in Italy that provide bike rental so will be taking advantage. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Sounds amazing! Cycling in Italy… what a dream

  6. Great tips! This is so true, I love how the bike allows you to travel with efficiency, but also lets you experience your surroundings much better than riding in a car; especially if you’re in a bike friendly city.

    1. Thanks so much for your feedback

  7. Nice tips. It’s obvious that you enjoy your bike rides and what better person to get tips on biking from, right! 😉 I agree with you, it’s more practical then walking, you cover more, go faster and enjoy the surroundings. Still, I never did take the whole tour including camping etc, but I do love shorter rides.

  8. We recently went on our first bike tour in Barcelona recently. We have vowed to hire some bikes for independent exploring more in the future. The kids seem to enjoy it more than walking and you can cover more distance.

  9. Ive never done one but Ive been wanting to go on a bicycle tour somewhere in Europe! I love sight seeing and this is an interesting take on doing it. Thanks for sharing!

  10. Cool info and make me jealous coz i cant bicycle hihihi coz during tour with it look so nice

  11. I love bike tours 😀 but am a bit clumsy… Once I went to do one in Ubud , nice scenery in the rice padis etc… I was with staff from my husbands hotel – they were ‘chaperoning’ me lol… and I go downhill, don’t notice the mud… break a literally fly down in the stream next to the rice fields 😀 haha it was so funny. And they were so scared because they felt responsible. anyways -great tips!!

  12. I didn’t have a chance to try bike touring yet. But it definitely looks like a fun adventure. As you have mentioned, there are a lot of things you need to think about before doing it, but the experience is definitely worth it.

  13. Most of the European countries have bicycling touring and way marked cycling routes. Somehow I haven’t done any! I hope I’ll go on one in Belgium soon. Let’s see!

  14. When I was still living in Finland I used to ride my bicycle a lot. Here in California I am too scared of the crazy traffic and non existent bicycle lanes. I see a lot of tourists bicycling at San Francisco for example and always wonder how many accidents there must be. However, in some less crowded places, I think touring with bikes is an excellent idea!

  15. Biking tours sound so much fun and really appealing. I can bike but not SO good that I can tour between states or to the mountains and canyons for 1-2 days. A short one could be doable though. Thanks for the idea and tips!

  16. Bicycle tours are indeed a great way to see places. I feel you get much closer to the place and as you mentioned you are able to go to places which otherwise would have been inaccessible. Of course one needs to be prepared and aware of basic steps to take to ensure that the trip is smooth, you have given some really useful and practical pointers in this direction.

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