Mexican Adventures | Doing a cooking class in Tulum

Mexican Adventures | Doing a cooking class in Tulum

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Looking for the best Tacos in Tulum? Interested in learning more about Mexican food? Then you need to do a cooking class in Tulum and learn from the Tulum taco master Chef Many. In this post, I’m going to share my experience doing a Taco workshop in Tulum with Naj K’ooben and tell you where you can find the best street food in Tulum.

What are Tacos anyway?

In case you have not yet had the pleasure in tasting a taco for yourself (where have you been!) a taco is a traditional Mexican dish. It is a corn tortilla folded and filled with whatever you like. Normally meat, but you can fill it with absolutely anything so no problem if you don’t eat meat or fish.

It is pretty perfect fast food if you ask me and I don’t think I will ever get bored of eating tacos!

Mexican Adventures | Doing a cooking class in Tulum

Why do a cooking class in Tulum

If you are looking for things to do in Tulum then taking a cooking class really is the perfect way to spend half a day. Not only will you get to eat some really great food, but you will also have a fantastic cultural experience and learn some new cooking skills to take home with you. It really is a win-win situation.

Doing this job I have taken a lot of cooking classes in a lot of different countries. Mexico is without a doubt my favorite country for food. I love Mexican food and so the idea of learning to cook it myself at home was really appealing to me.

Plus did I mention you get to eat a lot of Tacos…I love tacos hmmmmmm.

About my Tulum Taco experience

The cooking class is held in the kitchen at Hostel Sheck in Tulum Town. It is a short walk from the main street and really easy to find. When I arrived at the class I was warmly greeted by hosts Jess, Carlos, and Chef Many who were busy preparing the kitchen for the class.

Mexican Adventures | Doing a cooking class in Tulum

Over the course of the workshop, I learned a lot! Not just about how to prepare tacos, I learned so much about the history and culture of Mexico and how this has impacted the food we eat.

What made this cooking class different from other classes I have taken was that I actually didn’t have to chop or prepare anything. At first, I felt a little disappointed that I wouldn’t be getting involved in the actual food preparation. But I quickly realized that this experience was actually far more enjoyable and informative.

Mexican Adventures | Doing a cooking class in Tulum

It was actually more like a chefs table (which FYI can cost you a few hundred dollars to experience in Tulum). We sat and observed Chef Many preparing each different dish while he explained what he was doing and why. We were able to ask lots of questions and focus on observing and learning, rather than worrying about chopping tomatoes!

The issue with a lot of cooking classes is that you can often get so focused on the task you are given you miss out on a lot of the information. With this workshop, I missed nothing and was able to take notes and short videos so I could remember what to do at home. It really was a fantastic experience.

Mexican Adventures | Doing a cooking class in Tulum

Oh, and the tacos were incredible. Living in Mexico I have eaten a lot of tacos, so I know what I’m talking about.

A little about Naj K’ooben

I found out about Naj K’ooben  through a recommendation from a friend. One thing I love doing while traveling is supporting local people on a mission to support the local economy in an ethical way. So for me, this company ticks all of the boxes.

Mexican Adventures | Doing a cooking class in Tulum

Co-founders Jess and Carlos wanted to offer visitors to Tulum an authentic cultural experience (which can often be a little difficult to find in the Riviera Maya because it is so commercial due to mass tourism). They quickly realized the best way to do this was through food, and you can’t get more Mexican than a taco.

When they met Chef Many, known for being a Tulum taco expert, their team was complete. Jess and Carlos host the workshop beautifully supporting Chef Many and making sure all workshop participants are happy, well fed and their drinks are topped up!

Mexican Adventures | Doing a cooking class in Tulum

How to book a Tulum cooking class

Naj K’ooben is still a new company so no online booking just yet. You can book either through Facebook message /, email, or Whatsapp +52 1 984 130 7094

Final Thoughts

This is definitely one of my top Tulum experiences so far. It is also something to do if the weather isn’t so great (which believe it or not does happen especially in October). So, if you are looking for something to do that doesn’t invTulumolve the beach, a cenote or exploring Mayan Ruins then you won’t find better than doing a taco workshop.

Mexican Adventures | Doing a cooking class in Tulum

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